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Upcoming Solo Exhibition Michael Velliquette: Beginner’s Mind

September 15 – October 14

Tory Folliard Gallery
Milwuakee, WI

Best known for his elaborate low-relief paper sculptures, Michael Velliquette returns to this medium in his upcoming solo exhibition. Velliquette hand-cuts small, simple paper shapes and assembles them into complex forms akin to three-dimensional mandalas. The formal symmetry, balance, and order of these works are meant to evoke the rhythm and repetition of breath. Velliquette forgoes his prior use of vibrant color, instead employing an emotionally restrained palette of tans, grays and whites. Beginner’s Mind refers to an approach to living without preconception—a sensibility that characterizes the skillfully simple posture Velliquette brings to this new series.

Color Totems

Michael Velliquette
Color Totems
Eagle Harbor Social Aid and Pleasure Club
Eagle Harbor, MI
July-September, 2016

Michael Velliquette’s colorful, abstract cut-outs, “Studies for New Monuments,” playfully riff on totemic forms, and pay homage to the role of color and beauty in devotional objects. The word totem has its origins in an Ojibwe word, ototeman. The totem in traditional Ojibwe culture signified a vital concept of kinship or clan designated by the name of an animal.

The first Westerner to create a dictionary of the Ojibwe language was Bishop Frederic Irenaeus Baraga (June 29, 1797 – January 19, 1868), a Roman Catholic missionary who worked among the Ojibwe and the diverse groups of immigrant minors in the Keweenaw region along the shores of Lake Superior. Baraga was known as the Snowshoe Priest for tromping through the legendary harsh winters by snowshoe from town to town. He was a regular visitor to the Eagle Harbor General Store (now the Eagle Harbor Social Aid and Pleasure Club), where we are sure he found comfort with both the Foley and Smith families, the Store's first owners, who were Irish Catholics. His remains now lie in Saint Peter Cathedral in Marquette under a jewel-colored stained glass window depicting scenes from his life arrayed around a pair of snowshoes.

Michael Velliquette’s “Studies for New Monuments” work the same magic of color, pattern, devotion, and light as the stained glass windows in Bishop Baraga’s tomb. Bringing together diverse visual elements, cultural and art-historical influences, the totems interact to create a new conversation with the Store’s collection. We can all single out a favorite while still appreciating them as a manifestation of collective thought. One step at a time, like walking in snowshoes in the winter, Velliquette’s new icons engage with the Store’s artifacts of Keweenaw history to form a new community of objects, reflecting the diverse human communities encountered by the Snowshoe Priest so many winters ago. 

Beginner's Mind

Beginner's Mind
Little Monroe Street Gallery
Madison, WI
July-August, 2016

Summer in Wisconsin

Summer in Wisconsin
Tory Folliard Gallery
Milwaukee, WI
July 9 – September 10

This biennial exhibition highlights the extraordinary talent in Wisconsin art featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and photography by the state’s best known contemporary artists.  It is the Gallery’s largest and most diverse exhibition of the year.

Surreal … So Real

Surreal...So Real
Tory Folliard Gallery
Milwaukee, WI
April 15 – May 28

An outstanding group exhibition of painters and sculptors whose work explores Surrealism in contemporary art. Themes of the subconscious mind, fantastic imagery, and strange juxtapositions are elements of Surrealism today and continue to influence many contemporary art forms.


John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, WI
March-September, 2016

Supernatural explores the ideals of magic realism through a wide variety of techniques and media including print, painting, video, sculpture, and fiber-based works.
Additional artists in the exhibition are: Jennifer Angus (Madison), Peter Barrickman (Milwaukee), Cecelia Condit (Milwaukee), Gary John Gresl (Brown Deer), Sheila Held (Wauwatosa), Maeve Jackson (Milwaukee), Romano Johnson (Madison), Tom Jones (Madison), Truman Lowe (Madison), Shane McAdams (Cedarburg), Dennis Nechvatal (Madison), Will Pergl (Milwaukee), Joanna Poehlmann (Milwaukee), Karl Priebe (1914–1976), Rafael Francisco Salas (Ripon), T.L. Solien (Madison), Simon Sparrow (1925–2000), Fred Stonehouse (Milwaukee), Lynn Tomaszewski (Milwaukee), Tom Uttech (Madison), Jason Vaughn (LaCrosse), Michael Veliquette (Madison), and Jason S. Yi (Milwaukee).


Organized by Bulgari
Museo di Roma – Palazzo Braschi 
March 10-May 8, 2016

Paying tribute to a motif that has contributed to increasing the Maison's creativity and international fame, SerpentiForm narrates with wonderfully creative and multi-facetted experience how the snake has also inspired many important names in contemporary art, design, fashion, decorative arts and photography. 
The exhibition path will unfold from ancient jewels - on loan from Pompeii and the Archaeological Museum of Naples – to contemporary artworks of artists such as Keith Haring, Niki de Saint Phalle, Alexander Calder, Mat Collishaw, Paul Klee, Joana Vasconcelos & Michael Velliquette. 

Many Lives to Wonder

Many Lives to Wonder
Featuring Rhea Ewing and Michael Velliquette
Gallery Marzen
Madison, WI
July 8-September 2, 2016

Rhea Ewing and Michael Velliquette bring together colorful, socially relevant and introspective works at Marzen in this one of a kind exhibition.

Michael Velliquette's abundant, colorful cut paper works beg viewers to explore the nature of matter, sensation, perception, reaction, and consciousness. His labor-intensive method of making tends to imbue a sort of spiritual language that is uniquely specific to Velliquette's collages, sculptures and installations.

Cut, Fold, and Form

January 24 - May 1, 2016

Whether emphasizing the structural, the conceptual, or both, the artists whose works are featured in Cut, Fold, and Form transform paper—a familiar and seemingly mundane material—into vessels, sculpture, adornment, and artist’s books. Featured artists Kiff Slemmons, who makes ornate paper jewelry, and Julie VonDerVellen, who creates complex sculptural paper watches and clocks, are represented by multiple works. Artists from RAM’s extensive, growing collection—such as Dominic Di Mare, Walter Hamady, Caren Heft, Jim Lee, Ke-Sook Lee, Mary Merkel-Hess, JoAnna Poehlmann, Kay Sekimachi, Merle Temkin, and Michael Velliquette—expand the conversation. 

Racine Art Musuem
 441 Main Street
Racine, WI 53403

What We Are Looking For is What is Looking

Marian Art Gallery
January 11-February 21, 2016
Closing Reception, February 4, 2016

Mount Mary University will present a solo exhibition by Michael Velliquette, a mixed media artist known for his elaborate collages and sculptures made from cut paper.
For his project at the Marian Gallery, Velliquette will create a site-specific, collaged-based mural that will cover the entire surface of the gallery’s 1800 square feet of wall space. In preparation for the exhibition, Velliquette painted and drew unique surface treatments on over 100 large rolls of drawing paper. Over the course of the installation the paper rolls will be cut, layered, and pinned to the walls in vibrant, abstract arrangements.

Wall Flowers

January 8 – February 6, 2016
Artist’s Reception: January 22, 2016 from 5- 9pm

This group exhibition focuses on the flower in contemporary art by the region’s top artists. The artists’ styles are as unique and personal as the artists’ intent when capturing their subject. The exhibition includes paintings, works on paper, photography and sculpture.

Participating artists are: Stephen Warde Anderson, Kim Benson, Tom Berenz, Mary Bero,​ Chris Berti, ​Derrick Buisch,​ ​Marion Coffey, ​Terrence Coffman, Laura Dronzek,Beth Edwards, Patrick Farrell, Joshua Huyser, Ron Isaacs, Clare Malloy, Nancy Mladenoff, Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Dennis Nechvatal, Michael Noland​,​ Melanie Parke, Bill Reid, Jeffrey Ripple, Jan Serr, Brook Slane, T.L. Solien, Nathaniel Stern, Fred Stonehouse, Paula Swayd​a​n Grebel, Stephanie​ ​Trenchard, Michael Velliquette,Mary Alice Wimmer, and James Winn.

Michael Velliquette: Everything is a Miracle

Michael Velliquette
Everything is a Miracle
September 4-November 7, 2015

This is a solo exhibition of recent cut paper works. The broad themes in Michael Velliquette's work reflect his creative process as it relates to the nature of matter, sensation, perception, reaction and consciousness. His work insists on a new spiritual vocabulary—one that combines aspects of early 20th century formalism and contemporary sensibilities about the handmade. 

68 S. Stevens St
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Cut / Create: The Endless Possibilities of Paper

Cut / Create: The Endless Possibilities of Paper
August 24 – September 11
Closing Reception: Friday, September 11, 5-8pm
Michael Velliquette: Artist Lecture 7pm 
As an artistic medium, paper is often characterized as a simple material. It can be seen as merely a support onto which art is created, rather than as art itself. This exhibition questions those assumptions by presenting a number of contemporary artists who have taken on paper as an artistic medium with amazing results. Ranging from vibrant three- dimensional sculptures to lively silhouettes that stretch across the walls, these works showcase the endless creative possibilities presented by paper.  

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Union Art Gallery
2200 E Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

New American Paintings: Midwestern Edition

New American Paintings: Midwestern Edition
May 16 - August 23, 2015
My hanging work "Radiant Signs" is on view at the Elmhurst Art Museum lobby through the summer in conjunction with the NAP exhibition.

Elmhurst Art Museum
150 Cottage Hill Ave. 
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 

Michael Velliquette: Desire for Being

Michael Velliquette: Desire for Being
March 13 – May 1, 2015 

Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts
University of Alabama-Birmingham

Opening Reception: Friday, March 13, 6 - 8 pm 

Michael Velliquette works expansively between drawing, collage, and sculpture, but he is perhaps most known for his works with cut, painted paper. Broader themes in his work reflect his creative process as it relates to the nature of matter, sensation, perception, reaction, and consciousness. His exhibition at AEIVA, titled Desire for Being, presents a selection of his mixed media cut paper works from the past two years. 

Paper Reveries

Paper Reveries

December 10 – February 9, 2015

Artists Featured: Bernard Aptekar, Karen Arm, LC Armstrong, Elena Berriolo, Nina Bovasso, Ellen Driscoll, Louise Eastman, Roland Gebhardt, Carter Hodgkin, Scott Lowenbaum, Nancy Manter, Hiromi Moneyhun, Mari Oshima, Drew Shiflett, Russell Steinert, Janis Stemmermann, Maggie Tobin, Gian Berto Vanni, Ruggero Vanni, Michael Velliquette, Sarah Walker and Jeannie Weissglass.

Tightened, as if by Pliers

Tightened, As If by Pliers 

Curated by Joshua Bienko and Leeza Meksin

Featured Artists: Julio Cortazar, Kevin Curran, Luc Fuller, Angela Gualdoni, EJ Hauser, David Humphrey, Mary Reid Kelley, Amy Lincoln, Chris Martin, Susan Metrican, Hooper Turner, Alan Ruiz, Harriet Salmon, Michael Velliquette, Sheilah Wilson.

The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY
52-19 Flushing Ave, Flushing, NY 11378

December 7, 2014 – January 25, 2015
Opening Reception: Sunday, December 7, 4-7pm

Racine Art Museum: Professional Artist Development Series

Professional Artist Development Series: Roundtable Discussion

Artists: Niki Johnson, Vesna Jovanovic, Richard Taylor, Michael Velliquette
Oct. 22, 2014, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Racine Art Museum
441 Main Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53403

The series will kick off with a panel discussion led by four professional artists experienced in the marketplace. They will share events and practices that propelled them to the next level in their professional artistic career. Topics will range from gallery representation, commissions, grants, and fellowships.

The Racine Art Museum is offering opportunities for local and regional artists to develop, strengthen, and cultivate their professional career. Designed to engage emerging and mid-career artists, the series will be led by experts in their related fields and utilize resources in the Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois region. A wide range of topics will be covered including portfolio development, brand cultivation and recognition, marketing through social media connections, self-promotion, and best practices for juried submissions.

Pressed Flowers

Lesley Heller Workspace
New York, New York
October 23 - December 7, 2014
"Pressed Flowers" curated by Catherine Howe
Polly Apfelbaum, Ross Bleckner, Nicholas Borelli, Mary Carlson, Lawrence Carroll, Ann Craven, Julie Evans, Elizabeth Glaessner, Catherine Howe, Judith Linhares, Allison Schulnik, Simone Shubuck, Michael Velliquette, Thomas Woodruff

Michael Velliquette:Chromatopia

Lynda Barry's Image Lab
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
University of Wisconsin-Madison
August 4 - September 5, 2014

Velliquette’s work insists on a new spiritual vocabulary—one that combines aspects of early 20th century formalism, and contemporary sensibilities about the handmade, with the visual lexicon he has developed in his works over the past decade. Velliquette’s vocabulary is bright, dense, ornamental, and is punctuated with recurring motifs such as eyes, flowers, feathers, and mandalas. Art, architecture, and design from broad periods and places inform this work. Sponsored by Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. 

The Stench of Rotting Flowers

Charlotte Street Foundation 
Kansas City, MO
April 19-June 6, 2014

The Stench of Rotting Flowers features 13 contemporary artists from around the nation whose labor-intensive and decorative artworks address and provoke such big feelings as sorrow, grief, and heartbreak. Central to the exhibition’s interests are secular approaches to bereavement by feminist and queer artists, including practices that respond to death and loss through ritual, repetition, nature, and high-camp art practices. 

Participating Artists: Marie Bannerot McInerney, Elijah Burgher, Adrain Chesser, Hope Esser, Edie Fake, Rain Harris, Jesse Harrod, Peregrine Honig, Jenny Kendler, Daviel Shy, Jeff Tackett, Ashley Thomas, and Michael Velliquette

Paper art workshop with Michael Velliquette

Madison Children's Museum 
April 19 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Join us in welcoming Michael Velliquette as our featured artist in residence for the month of April! Michael will be working with visitors to create a colorful large scale papercraft artwork of a fantastic creature for display in the museum. This event is free with admission and suggested for ages six and older.

Incognito 10

Santa Monica Museum of Art 
PRECOGNITO—Wednesday, April 23, 7 to 10 pm INCOGNITO 10—Saturday, April 26, 7 to 10 pm
 Please join us for PRECOGNITO and INCOGNITO 10, the 10th anniversary of the Santa Monica Museum of Art’s signature benefit art sale. Choose from works by 550 famed and emerging artists, and support SMMoA’s exhibitions and programs.


Sensorium Gallery
Milwuakee, WI
April 25, 2014
Gallery Night Opening 5-10pm

Temple: A space created and celebrated for a highly valued function. A hallowed place where individuals can converge to access heightened connection and perception of the unknown.

Participating Artists: Nina Bednarski, Mark Duerr, Craig Grabhorn, Evan Gruzis, Faythe Levine, Bill Miller, Alec Regan, Jamie Stanek, Fred Stonehouse, Michael Velliquette, Tom Wargin, Serena Weits

Hoarding, Amassing, and Excess

Northern Illinois University Art Museum 
March 25th - May 23rd, 2014 

This group exhibition explores the psychological, sociological, and artistic impulses for accumulation, horror vacui, berserk collecting, and excessive mark making.

DRAW2014: Why Draw Now?

International Drawing Symposium
Carnegie Mellon University
February 27 - March 1, 2014
Bringing together practitioners from a variety of disciplines, this symposium explores the wide range of processes, materials, and ideas that are expanding the field of drawing today. Immerse yourself in challenging and inspiring artist projects, lectures, presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops.
Workshop: The Soft Spot in the Crown of the Skull, Claire Stigliani + Michael Velliquette
This workshop considers ways to enter into creative activity through instinct, intuition, and experimentation. A range of mixed media will be utilized to explore a spectrum of imagistic possibilities.

Curiosities and Things of Wonder

Nov. 12-Dec. 13, 2013 & Jan. 7-25, 2014
Carthage College Art Gallery

To evoke and rekindle a sense of curiosity and wonder in the world is one manifestation of art. The works in this exhibit display all manner of curious and wonderful things.

Featuring work by Beth Lipman, Lori Nix, Steve Jones, Stephanie Trenchard, Michael Velliquette, and Betsy Youngquist. 

40 for 40: Recent Gifts to the Permanent Collection

In celebration of the 40th anniversary in 2012 of the Philip Johnson-designed Art Museum building on the Bayfront, 40 new works of art were gifted to the AMST Permanent Collection by galleries and donors throughout Texas.  These works will comprise a special exhibition that opens to the public on November 9, 2013.

Michael Velliquette: Their Arising and Passing Away

October 25 - December 8, 2013 
Opening reception: 
Thursday October 24, 2013 6-8pm 
DCKT Contemporary, New York

Co/exist: New Sensibilities in Collage

October 18–December 7, 2013
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Gallery

An assault on reality has become an appropriation revealing diverse coexisting sensibilities. The artists in this exhibit represent many different directions to this new sensibility.

The Modern Landscape

October 18 – November 16

Robert Cocke, James Winn, Harold Gregor, Theodore Waddell, John Dilg, Kathy Hofmann, Janica Yoder, and Michael Velliquette.

Cut, Fold, Shred

September 6th – October 19, 2013 
Florida Craftsmen presents a showcase of paper art from beautiful carved, folded, cut out paper objects and realistic 3D paper sculptures to altered books.

Outside the Lines: An Artists' Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

Michael Velliquette's work is included in Outside the Lines: An Artists' Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations, curated by Souris Hong-Poretta and published by Perigee Trade. 

Michael Velliquette: Into the Great Wide Awesome

July 5—September 1, 2013
Museum of Wisconsin Art

Exhibitions of his stunning paper works have won Michael Velliquette a national reputation. His constructions begin with painted heavyweight paper. Individual elements are then hand-cut and glued in successive layers, creating elaborate and dimensional strata.

In this, Velliquette’s first solo museum exhibition, he presents a recent selection of sculptural and pictorial works.

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